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Statement on President Biden's visit to El Paso

The El Paso County Democratic Party is excited and welcome President Biden to the Sun City. With Congresswoman Escobar leading the visit, the President will have a first-hand look at this humanitarian crisis and how our community has stepped up to the plate to assist with clothing, food, and shelter.

Biden and Democratic Leaders like Congresswoman Escobar have mentioned before our immigration system is broken. That has been true for decades now, regardless of which party has held the White House. This current historic number of migrants – fleeing political oppression and gang violence in Venezuela, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Cuba – has nothing to do with the party in power in Washington.

We deserve a safe and secure border and solutions. Instead, US and Texas Republicans have only offered stunts, gimmicks, and lies that continue to divide this nation further. The only solution that they have given us is their continued support of a wall and busing migrants for photo ops. That is not a solution. This is what the Biden-Harris administration has done already:

  • They’ve got 23,000 agents working to secure the border and will soon be hiring 300 more – the first increase since 2011.

  • They’re taking thousands of smugglers off the streets.

  • They’re catching record levels of fentanyl before it even reaches our border.

  • They’re bringing leaders across the Western Hemisphere together to limit disorderly migration throughout the region.

  • They’re installing state-of-the-art border security technologies like automated surveillance towers and linear ground detection systems.

  • They’re surging additional asylum officers and immigration judges to review asylum cases, intending to bring processing times down from months to days.

  • They’re increasing support for border communities and NGOs assisting migrants.

And today, President Biden will be able to see first-hand accounts of what additional steps will help address some of the most acute challenges here in El Paso. This is a long project to fix all of the problems in an immigration system that has been broken for far too long, but with President Biden and Veronica Escobar in Congress, they will have solutions rather than stunts.

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