Guidelines for posting

Any of our local Democratic Clubs, Democratic Primary candidates, and progressive and Democratic leaning community groups may post on our our events page though mobilize.  There are a few policies for each group:



You are welcome to post your meetings, fundraisers, events, etc on our page without moderation.  All you have to do is click on "Host an Event" and then scroll down to "Choose An Event to Host". You will choose: "Democratic Clubs And Organization events."  Once you choose that, you will be able to create an event such as your meetings, fundraisers, special events, etc.  The event will go live immediately after you verify your email.  This will also allow you to post future events too. 


Just like our organizations, you are welcome to post your events on our page, however, it is a little different.  When you click on "Host an Event" you must scroll down to "Choose An Event to Host".   From there you can post your events with the pre filled information.    


In the title of the event and in the body, we have specific language that you need to leave in the event.  In the title of the event, please keep "Democratic Candidate Event:" in the title, and in the body, there is a disclaimer that you are not endorsed by the El Paso County Democratic Party. If you remove those, we will add them back into the body.  If this becomes a repeated issue, we will bar you from posting events. 


Similar to our candidates, when you click "Host an Event" you will scroll down to the bottom where it states "Choose an Event to Host" and there will be a spot for "Community Event".  You can post your event with the prefilled information. 

Once a moderator views the event, if there aren't any questions, we will approve it.  The Party reserves the right to deny any event from being posted.