Welcome to our 2022 El Paso County November Headquarters.   On this page we will have the following information:

  • Our Democratic Candidates

  • When, where, what to bring, and important dates for November

  • Request a voter registration and/or application to vote by mail 


Here are the 2022 Democratic Candidates that will appear on your ballot this year. 

Congressional District 16
Veronica Escobar
Congressional District 23
John Lira
Beto O’Rourke
Lieutenant Governor
Mike Collier
Attorney General
Rochelle Garza
Janet Dudding
Agriculture Commissioner
Susan Hays
Land Commissioner
Jay Kieberg
Railroad Commissioner
Luke Warford
Texas Supreme Court, Place 3
Erin Nowell
Texas Supreme Court, Place 5
Amanda Reichek
Texas Supreme Court, Place 9
Julia Maldonado
Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 5
Dana Huffman
Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 6
Robert Johnson
State Board of Education District 1
Melissa Ortega
State Senator District 29
Cesar Blanco
State Representative District 74
Eddie Morales
State Representative Distict 75
Mary Gonzalez
State Representative District 77
Lina Ortega
State Representative Distict 78
Joe Moody
State Representative District 79
Clauida Ordaz Perez
8th Court of Appeals
Lisa Soto
Judge, 120th District Court
Maria Salas Mendoza
Judge, 168th Distict Court
Marcos Lizarraga
Judge, 171st District Court
Bonnie Rangel
Judge, 205th District Court
Francisco X. Dominguez
Judge, 210th District Court
Alyssa Perez
Judge, 243rd District Court
Selena Solis
Judge, 327th District Court
Monique Valarde Reyes
County Judge
Ricardo Samaniego
County Court at Law 1
Ruth Reyes
County Court at Law 2
Julie Gonzalez
County Court at Law 3
Melissa Baeza
County Court at Law 4
Alex Gonzalez
County Court at Law 5
Jesus Rodriguez
County Court at Law 6
M. Sue Kurtia
County Court at Law 7
Ruben Morales
County Criminal Court 1
Alma Trejo
County Criminal Court 2
Robert S. Anchondo
County Probate Court 1
Patrica Chew
County Probate Court 2
Eduardo Gamboa
District Clerk
Norma Favela Barceleau
County Clerk
Delia Briones
County Commissioner Precicnt 2
David Stout
County Commissioner Precicnt 4
Sergio Coronado
Justice of the Peace 1
Robert Pearson
Justice of the Peace 2
Brian Haggerty
Justice of the Peace 3
Josh Herrera
Justice of the Peace 4
Rebeca Bustamante
Justice of the Peace 5
Lucilla "Lucy" Najera
Justice of the Peace 6.1
Ruben Lujan
Justice of the Peace 6.2
Nina Serna
Justice of the Peace 7
Humberto "Beto" Enriquez


Important Deadlines: 

Voter Registration Deadline:  October 11th  (Postmark)

Deadline to submit an application to vote by mail:  October 28th 
Note: This is not a postmark deadline, send your application by mail on October 25th!

Voting Dates:

Early Voting:  October 24th though November 4th 

Election Day:   Tuesday, November 8th from 7am to 7pm

Voting Locations

Once they are posted, we will update this page


We can help you or a friend to get registered to vote and/or vote by mail.   Also make sure you have the right ID before you head to vote! 

Register To Vote

Voter registration is simple but in Texas you cannot register to vote online!  We can either send you a form or you can click here to print one out and mail it to the elections department. 

Voter Qualifications in Texas: 

  • You can register two months before your 18th birthday (17 years and 10 months) 

  • You must be 18 and over on Election Day 

  • And you must be a US Citizen 

Vote By Mail

Voting by Mail (AKA Absentee Voting) is another safe and secure method to vote.   There are five reasons you can vote by mail.

Qualifications to Vote by Mail in Texas: 

  • Over 65 years of age  

  • Disabled 

  • Expected to give birth within three weeks before or after Election Day

  • Out of the county during Early Voting and Election Day 

  • Confined in jail or involuntary civil commitment

Steps in the Vote by Mail process

Step 1:  Print and fill out the application (click here for english,  spanish

Step 2:  Once you fill it out, you have to return it to the El Paso County Elections Department either by mail, fax, or email 

Mail: Early Voting Clerk, 500 E. San Antonio Ave., Suite #314, El Paso, Texas 79901

Fax to 915-546-2220

:E-mail to ballotrequests@epcounty.com

NOTE: If you either fax or email the application, YOU STILL HAVE TO SUBMIT THE ORIGINAL!   After you email or fax your application, please mail it because by state law the application has to be in at the elections department by the 4th business day after submission via fax or email.

ALSO NOTE: There is a deadline to return the application and it is NOT a postmark deadline.  For the 2022 November Election,  the forms MUST be in the elections department by close of business on October 28th.   Mail, fax, email it sooner (We recommend by the 24th) 

Step 3:  In a few days you will receive your ballot in the mail.  Be on the lookout in your mailbox.  If it has not arrived within a week, please call the Elections Department at 915-546-2154. 

Once you receive the envelope, you will open it and there will be three important items: 

  • The actual ballot 

  • The ballot envelope 

  • The return ballot 

You will fill out the ballot and once you've voted for the candidates of your choosing, you will put the ballot in the ballot envelope which keeps your vote private.  Then you will put the ballot envelope into the return envelope and mail it. 


While it's not required, we recommend placing two 1st class stamps on the return envelope to ensure it is mailed.   

Final note:  The ballot MUST be at the Elections department by 7:00pm on Election Day!  Do not hold off on mailing your ballot because it might not get there in time. 

What happens if: I want to vote in person instead OR it's almost Election Day and the ballot has not arrived, OR it's Monday before Election Day and I still haven't mailed it: 

You can still vote in person regardless of applying for a ballot by mail!  If you have the ballot and have not filled it out, you can return the unused ballot to the election judge during early voting/Election Day and vote.   

If you don't have it or it never arrived, you can still vote too! The Election Judge should allow you to fill out a provisional ballot and it will not be opened until after the election. 
If the judge
DOES NOT allow you to fill out the provisional ballot, please contact the Elections Department IMMEDIATELY at 915-546-2154

If you filled out the ballot but it's too late to mail it, YOU CAN RETURN IT TO THE ELECTIONS DEPARTMENT! You personally have to return the ballot on Election Day at the county courthouse.  Unfortunately, you cannot ask for a friend or family member to return it for you, you must do it yourself. ​ Please call 915-546-2154 for more information

Voter ID

In Texas, you must have a qualified ID to vote, however, not having an ID does not completely disqualify you from voting!    

 List of the acceptable forms of photo ID:

Texas Driver License issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS)
Texas Election Identification Certificate issued by DPS
Texas Personal Identification Card issued by DPS
Texas Handgun License issued by DPS
United States Military Identification Card containing the person’s photograph
United States Citizenship Certificate containing the person’s photograph
United States Passport (book or card)

Now, what happens if I don't have these IDs or my Driver's License/ID is expired? 

There are additional supplemental items that you can bring to the polling place that you can use.   Please visit votetexas.gov for more information and additional requirements.   Also, feel free to call our Voter Registration Hotline at 1-844-TX-VOTES for questions or issues at the polls.


Are you ready to help turn out the vote this November?   Visit our Get Involved page to learn more how you can be part of our El Paso County Democratic Party! 

Would you like to contribute to the Party?  Visit our Donate section on how you can support the party!