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We are excited to host the 2024 Texas Democratic Convention in El Paso for the first time in over twenty years!  As El Paso Democrats, we believe that care and compassion for others is the core of what makes our community great.   We work hard to make sure those we love have the things they need.  Our values are Democratic values and we're ready to share our community with Texas and the nation. 

Victory from the White House to the Courthouse starts in El Paso 2024!

The Road to Chicago 2024 Starts Here! 

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Everything begins at our 2024 County Convention. Every two years, El Paso Democrats meet to select delegates to the Texas Democratic Party State Convention and pass resolutions for consideration to be part of the Texas Democratic Party Platform. 

It's simple to become a county convention delegate:

Pre-Register for the County Convention here!

Additional Information for the 2024 County Convention


The 2024 County Convention will be called to order at 10:00am with credentially starting at 9:00am.  The location of the convention will be at the EPCC Admin Board Room, 6050 Viscount. 


Technically no, however, it makes it so much easier!  If you forget to pre-register, you can still be a delegate to the county convention as long as you sign in. 


As for voting in the Democratic Primary, it is not a requirement but if you do not vote in the primary, you will need to sign an "Oath of Affiliation" to the Texas Democratic Primary.  This also means you cannot participate in another party's primary or convention. 

Also, if you vote in another party's primary, you cannot participate in our convention.  


There are four committees: 

Rules:  Adopts any rules that apply for our convention on top of the Texas Democratic Party Convention Rules. 

Resolutions: Reads and approves issue resolutions to forward to the Texas Democratic Party Convention.  Per the TDP Rules Art IX, I, a resolution is "a formal expression of opinion or intention which, if adopted, becomes the official position of the Party. Resolutions are vehicles for expressing a request for action on a matter of concern, for sending a message to a person or organization regarding policy or actions, or for recognizing contributions of an individual or group to the purposes the Party’s serves. 

In order to be considered at the State Convention, a written resolution must either have passed at a county or congressional district convention or have been referred favorably to the Convention through the petition process."

Credentials:  Conducts registration of delegates, reviews the roll of temporary delegates to move for adoption for the convention, and discusses any disputes. 

Nominations:  Reviews the applications to become a delegate for the state convention and ensures parity among presidential preference and inclusion from a variety of sources (such as gender, race,  if necessary. 

If you wish to participate in a committee, reach out to the Chairman at or contact us. 


Attend the county convention! This year, since the Texas Democratic Party has changed the process so that delegates will be elected from Congressional Districts instead of State Senatorial Districts, El Paso will have to elect delegates for CD16 and CD23. 

The State Delegation will consist of:

326 Delegates from Congressional District 16
25 Delegates from Congressional District 23

If you missed the county convention, you can still participate and become a delegate for the 2024 State Convention! Per the rule, we have 23 days after the county convention to add delegates until every spot is filled. We will update the process the process after the County Convention is adjourned. 

We're Ready Texas Democrats!  


It's been more than 20 years since Texas Democrats visited the Sun City, and we're excited to be the host of the 2024 Democratic Convention!  

Next to becoming a Delegate, we will need to show our world-renowned El Paso hospitality and hundreds of volunteers to showcase our city.

Fill out the volunteer form below or click here to take part in this historic moment! 

Visit for more information about the convention. 


Be Party of History to Nominate the Next President!

Every four years the Democratic National Convention commences to be an extraordinary and historic week filled with speakers, excitement, and selection of our Democratic nominee for President and Vice President.  

The Texas 2024 National Delegate Selection Plan for the 2024 Democratic National Convention includes sending 273 National Delegates and 20 Alternates, which 5 delegates (2 male and 3 female) will be elected from El Paso though Congressional District 16. 

There will be more information soon on how to apply, in the meantime, read the 2024 Texas Democratic Party National Delegate Selection Plan for better understanding of the process. 

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