Congrats on becoming a delegate to the 2022 State Convention representing El Paso County in Senatorial District 29!   Here is some information on what you need to know, how to join us on the bus, hotel block information, etc. 

When is the convention? 

The convention is in Dallas, Texas starting on July 14, 15, 16th at the KHB Convention center in downtown Dallas.   

While there isn't a full schedule yet for the convention, here is a rundown what will happen each day. 

Thursday:  Typically there is no business done minus the convention being called to order by the SDEC (which is also their last meeting).  In the evening there is a reception/kick off event with a keynote speaker.  Also the temporary committees on credentials and resolutions will meet. 

Friday:  Most of the business of the convention is done on this day.   Statewide Democratic groups, caucuses, and other interest groups will have a business meeting starting at 9am-2pm.  At 3pm, all Senatorial Districts will meet at this time to elect members to the State Democratic Party, convention committees, and hear speakers in a more personal setting.  After this business is done, the convention will convene later in the evening to hear our candidates, speakers, and will adjourn till the next day.

Saturday:  The convention will reconvene at 12pm, but prior to that there will be a breakfast, some trainings, possible community service project, and the permanent committees on rules, resolutions, credentials, platform, and nominations will meet to conduct business.   At 12pm the convention will be called back to order to hear speakers, elect statewide party officers, confirm members to the State Democratic Executive Committee, and adopt the platform and resolutions. 

How do I get there?  Does the county party pay for expenses 

Travel and expenses are the responsibility of the delegates, however, we have a bus and hotel package! 

Join the Party Bus!  We will charter a bus to go to Dallas leaving Thursday morning to Dallas and returning on Sunday Morning to El Paso.   The cost will be a total of $120 per person - $60 as a non-refundable deposit made by May 31st and $60 to be paid by June 24th.  This will include transportation and a El Paso Strong shirt.   

To make a deposit, please call the party office at 915-600-5040 and you can make the deposit in cash, check, or via act blue here.

EP Convention Hotel Block!  The EP Delegation hotel will be the Homewood Suites downtown located at 1025 Elm Street, Dallas, TX 75202.  The hotel is about six blocks away from the convention center!  You have two rooms to select: 

Queen Room: Two beds plus sofa sleeper - $239 per night plus tax (fits up to 4-5 delegates) 

King Room: One king bed plus sofa sleeper - $169 per night ( fits up to 3-4 delegates) 

You can book your room for either 2 or 3 nights. 

To reserve a room:  The link has already expired, however, contact Marlee Perez at (972) 598-0703 and let her know you're part of the El Paso Texas Democratic Party Convention Delegation and she will reserve your room at this rate. 

State Convention T-Shirt

If you're not going on the bus, we urge you to buy the "El Paso Strong" t-shirt so that we can be united as a delegation.  The vendor, Viva La Mocha, is giving us a special rate for these  shirts as a fundraiser for us.   We'll have the link soon for you to purchase 


Can I purchase a ticket on the bus if I'm not staying at the hotel? 
Yes, you can totally buy a ticket on the bus for transportation only.  Obviously, you would be responsible for your own transportation to and from your destination after we get to the hotel, but, please make sure to be on time for our departure because we will leave you behind! 

Can I book a room with the hotel without going on the bus?

Yes, you 100% can.  Since our block is only 25 rooms, we ask you to please assist us with having other delegates share your room.  - Also that would help you share the cost.

Do have I have to book the hotel all three nights? 

No, you can book for only Friday and Saturday or Thursday and Friday nights.  It is flexible on the booking. 

So if I'm going on the bus and need to stay in the room, what is the total cost? 

If you were going by yourself, the total cost of the trip would be: 

Bus + Queen room = $946.45

Bus + King room = $704.37 

This is why you and a group of delegates who are going on the bus should share the cost of the room depending on how many people you like to share the room with.  The Party will not be responsible for grouping people together, so please make a friend or three!  Here's an example: 

Myself and 3 other delegates will share a queen room, the cost will be $356.60 per person for the bus and the room.   ($946.45/4 people =  $236.60 for the room + $120 for the bus) 

How do I make a friend for the convention? 

Here is the spreadsheet of all of our delegates to the convention.  We will add a column for those who paid for the bus so that you could potentially team up and share a room.  Since you are on your own for your stay, it's a good idea to see if there is a group of you who can room together. 

I want to run for something during the convention? 

As mentioned above, you can run to represent SD 29 at the state party, for any other committee in the delegation, or for officers in certain caucuses and organizations. 
Click here to declare your candidacy.   View here all the candidates who are running

Any other information? 

Please visit www.texasdemocraticconvention.com for the latest and other documents.