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Get Out the Vote 

Now more than ever we need your help to get out the vote (GOTV) for El Paso Democrats.


Learn about our knock, call, and text banks and sign up for a shift today. 


Knocking on doors is still the most effective way to get out the vote!

Having a person to person conversation is the best way to remind someone about the upcoming elections.  We knock on doors because we can update voters about early and election day locations, combat myths and misinformation, and tell our personal reason why we're supporting Democrats in November. 

Volunteers worry about not having all the information about a policy position or that people will be rude at the doors, however, that's far from the truth - most people just need that reminder and we live in El Paso - we are some of the nicest communities around! 

View all of our weekend blockwalk dates, locations, and sign ups! 

What do I need to blockwalk? 

Simply - you need some good walking shoes and dress conformably.  Also we use an app called minivan where you digitalize your list and the data comes back to us in real time.  To learn how to use minivan, watch this video

Also, you can download this walk guide to help you before you walk. 

What if I can walk during the week? 

That's awesome! there are two things you can do: 

1) Contact us at or call 915-600-5040 and we can send you a list to download into minivan and make a plan to get you the materials. 

2) If you want to do it now - you don't have to wait.  Upload this list number to minivan: 39741293-32308 

This will create a walk list of 50 doors near your neighborhood.  The list will expire within 24 hours. Also if you're not near our office for our handouts, you can download a printer friendly version here. 

Note: Depending where you are, you can get a gated area or apartments. Try them and if you can't walk into the property, just re-download the list. 

Also, you can download this walk guide to help you before you walk. 


Reach out to voters though phone calls - in a new, updated way!

While in-person to person conversations are the best way to convince someone, phonebanking is just as good! The El Paso County Democratic Party has invested in an automatic dialer program, which means rather than having to call manually and have your number sent to strangers, our system makes the calls for you!  And if they call back, it dials back to our office.  This dialer triples our output than before. 

View all of our weekend phonebanks dates, locations, and sign ups! 

What do I need to phonebank? 

All you need is your cellphone, however, you can use your laptop or tablet to make these dials.  

You will use your phone as the microphone for the calls and use your browser window where you will see the person who has answered the phone.  

When someone answers, you will hear a beep and the screen will change with the person's name and information and you will mark the answers from there. 

Also when you log into the dialer, you can use the "preview script" option to view the script before you start making dials.  

Rather than calling from the office, can I join from home?

Yes! If you can't make it to our regular phonebanks, you can call from home.  ​One quick note:  It's best to be on the dialer while we're conducting a phonebank. The system operates better when there are more people on it at the same time, still RSVP for our phonebank dates, however, let us know you will not join us.  


We will send you the link where you can log into the phonebank. 


Help us reach out to voters using a new technology! 

Texting has become a new medium conversing with voters. It's simple and very efficient with your personal time.  Also, you'll be able to still have similar conversations with people via text. 


View all of our weekend textbank dates, locations, and sign ups! 

What do I need to textbank? 

All you need is your cellphone, however, you can use your laptop or tablet to send text.  

First you will need to make an account with our texting system which you can do here.   Once you make that, we will send you the link with the textbank.  Be aware that you will see previous textbank campaigns, so if you have questions, please ask us before you text. 

FAQs about Texting

There is a two step process when you send text - 

Step one - You will send the text messages out (typically 200 in one sitting) 

Step two - You will wait for replies.   

Once you see a reply,  you will mark the proper response to the text and record it.  If there was a follow up question, at some point the voter will reply back and you will go back and forth with the voter as if you were texting from your phone. 

Also, sometimes the script will not match with the reply the voter sent - don't worry you can re-write in a response that you deem is related to the comment.  If you have a question on how you should reply, feel free to reach out to us and we can see the conversion or reply ourselves. 

When you are done texting and will NOT return to text on that campaign again - click on "release my text" and it will release any future replies.  If you are returning to help either within an hour or the next day, you do NOT need to click on that button. 

A very important note about opting a voter out from our text

When a voter says "stop", "remove me from your list", or they use profane language, please opt out the voter.  You do this by clicking opt-out below.  One important note is, when you opt-out a voter, you potentially can send a message to them, please make sure to click on "no message" because we do not want to send them a message when we opt them out.  

Also, at times a person will say - this is the wrong number.  There is an option to mark someone as wrong number versus opting out the person.  If you tag someone as wrong number, please click on "save tag" to save the response and then close the message 

Screen Shot 2022-10-01 at 7.56.32 PM.png

Other GOTV Activities

We have a lot of other roles how you can help to get out the vote!

Use our "Friends and Family" Reach App by Blue Action Texas

Blue Action Texas has this awesome relational organizing app called "Reach" where you can add your friends, co-workers, family to your circle and remind them to vote. What you will be able to do is add them into the app and send messages to them and during early voting, if they have not gone to the polls, Reach will send you a message that they have note voted yet.  

Fill out our volunteer form and check "Remind my Friends and Family to vote" and we'll send your contact info to their local organizer. 

Help us with our Voter Protection Committee

There is a lot at stake in this election and protecting the vote is one of them.  Though our Voter Protection committee, you can do one of the following: 


  • Assist with our voter protection hotline by answering the line when a voter calls about a question or a concern. ​

  • Become one of our election judges and clerks during Election Day. ​

  • Sign to be a poll watcher in case we need to send an observer during Election Day at a polling site. 

Visit our Voter Protection page to sign up for one of these options. 

Volunteer at the office to answer calls and other office duties

Our office is ran by volunteers and we need help every day answering phones, creating our walk packets, or running errands for the party.  

Contact us to sign up for a date and time you can join us at the office. 


We cannot get out the vote without resources to print materials, send mail, and our textbank and phonebank programs all have a cost. 

Consider making a donation to the El Paso Democratic Party to help us reach out to more voters.  

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